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Sundays Mondays??

I still feel a couple of consecutive days 'off' is a good idea whatever you're doing. Apply this to racing, and Sunday and Monday would be the 'weekend' for participants. We know there is no such thing as a day off when caring for animals. But down-time would come with no race day pressures. Extra earlier races on the Tuesday to Friday race days could be the option to compensate? There's surely enough product for the TAB/corporate bookies to field on Sundays. Just thinking like this as we can't treat ourselves let alone our horses like robots. We need to conserve what we have. Next topic - how much interference can a riderless horse cause before it's deemed a 'no race'? If you have not seen the first race from Adelaide last Saturday, take a look. My opinion, should have been a no race, or at most, a dead heat. Fatigue? getting towards the end of a long day of racing, who is the most fatigued? Easy question and the answer, the jockeys. Races at the end of the day are becoming a little ho hum, (but the quaddie is in play!). Look out for the fresh jockeys at the days end. I'm still happily surprised how Australian racing has managed the virus situation to date. Please stay well and good luck.

Posted: Tue, May 12, 2020