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NRL Statistics

NRL Statistics

On this page you will find a detailed glossary of all the key NRL stats that punters need to get their heads around before betting on the NRL. Click on each entry and you will be provided with an explanation of the key NRL stat, with examples and the relevance from a betting point of view. 

This NRL stats glossary includes the most basic statistics that have been around for decades, to more modern interpretations of the game that have become crucial in quantifying the performance of players and teams.

While these are often employed by coaches to measure the efforts of their players, punters can also benefit from looking at the numbers.

A concrete example of this is by studying running metres in conjunction with the fad statistic of the past few seasons, post contact metres. As running the ball from one end of the field to the other is at the heart of rugby league, running metres are useful in highlighting which teams and players are best at carting the ball upfield.

However, this stat tends to favour players who have lots of runs, and those who take long runs from kick returns, rather than teammates who really muscle their up the field with strong, high-quality runs.

Post contact metres differ in that they measure how far a player runs for after contacting the defensive line, often with would-be tacklers hanging off him. This NRL stat can therefore provide a unique contribution in measuring the ability to run the ball towards the try line.

All the NRL stats in this glossary can assist punters when betting on any NRL market from head-to-head to total points over/under and first try scorer.

Even though knowledge of these stats will give punters an edge, they function best when applied in conjunction with form, player ins and outs, home ground and weather conditions, and other factors. 

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