About North Melbourne Football Club

Established in 1869, North Melbourne F.C. is the fourth-oldest club in the AFL today. They are supported by a group that boasts of a long and proud history, and despite a lack of success in recent times, North fans remain as loyal as ever.

North Melbourne, under the name of Hotham, were among the clubs who helped to launch the first competitive Aussie Rules League, the Victorian Football Association (VFA) in 1877. However, in the split of 1897, which saw the competition’s wealthier clubs break away to form the VFL, the Kangaroos were left behind, essentially because of their working-class status and lack of success.

Still playing in the VFA, North began to dominate opposing teams. The most salient example of this was the ‘invincibles’ of 1914-19, who didn’t lose a single game across six years, albeit in a stretch of games abbreviated by WW1. In 1925, North Melbourne were finally permitted to join the VFL, and despite struggling to cut it in the top league initially, gradually worked their way to the top.

The Kangaroos most successful period came in the 1970s, where Australian Football legend Ron Barassi coached the Kangas to 5 consecutive grand finals, and two premierships (1975 and 1977). North Melbourne’s two other premierships also came in a cluster. The great team of the late 1990s, spearheaded by ‘the King’ Wayne Carey, who is regarded of one of the game’s great forwards, brought home the flag in both 1996 and 1999.

However, the Kangaroos have been underwhelming in the 21st century, and have failed to make a grand final since their 1999 triumph. With a current squad that doesn’t suggest much promise, coach Brad Scott faces a tough task to get the most out of his team and bring some glory back to the faithful at Ardern Street Oval.